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StormFTP is an easy to use yet powerful FTP client that goes beyond the FTP protocol to offer web developers
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29 November 2011

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This is a tool that helps do FTP transfers between a local and a remote machine.

StormFTP is an easy to use yet powerful FTP client. If you are into maintaining one or more web sites, this will be a useful tool. This tool offers features of traditional FTP and has features that go beyond that. It provides functionality and maintenance tools that make a web developer’s job somewhat easier. Maintaining a web site FTP and an remote archive site becomes easy. The simple interface helps. It is essentially a display of local and the remote machine files/folders. Initiating transfers will be as easy as dragging a file/folder from one list to the other, FTP in the appropriate direction will be initiated. Scheduled file transfers, remote file search and their comparisons, zip/unzip/copy/delete are features that help maintain archive files and web file in sync.

Media file streaming, synchronized browsing, editing of remote files make the life of admins quite hassle free. On transfer complete, several actions can be specified and this gives you further scope for automating things. With large file transfers, break in transfer is always a worry. This tool will support taking up the transfer again from the break point, so that there are no problems. Bandwidth limiting, backup and restore settings, setting permissions, time stamp maintenance are some more very useful features. Busy web developers or IT departments with responsibilities to ensure appropriate backup could de-stress their lives quite a bit with this tool.

Publisher's description

StormFTP is an easy to use yet powerful FTP client that goes beyond the FTP protocol to offer web developers functionality and maintenance tools not traditionally available. Maintain and publish your web site in a user friendly interface and backup your files locally and remotely.
Features highlights:
- Media files streaming
- Scheduled file transfers
- Zip/Unzip/Copy/Delete over php
- Monitor files for changes
- Advanced folder comparison
- Remote file search
- Synchronized browsing
- On transfer complete actions
- Edit remote files
Version 1.08
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